Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques: Interiors

Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques: Interiors | MOV
Membahas tentang alur kerja produksi untuk model mengatur interior yang dapat digunakan untuk Film, Games, dan Visualisasi Arsitektur dengan 5 jam pelatihan berbasis proyek.
 Tutorial populer yang ada adalah:
•Polygon to Subdivision Workflow
•Methods for Creating Clean Geometry
•Adding Edge Resolution
•Insert Edge Loop Tool
•Offset Edge Loop Tool

•Bevel Tool
•Bridge Tool
•Extrude Tools
•Optimizing Geometry for Lighting
•Strategically Adding Details
•Re-purposing Geometry
•Making Resolution Decisions
•Breaking Up Lines for Visual Aesthetics
•Isolating Resolution
•Hard-surface Modeling Techniques
•Modeling with Deformers
•Creative Practices with Paint Effects
•Complex Scene Management

Materi Pelajaran:
1.Introduction and project overview 0:48
2.Overview of project techniques 3:12
3.Overview of tools that will be used in this project 3:53
4.Building the living room architecture 6:24
5.Cutting out the doorways and windows 7:12
6.Adding some steps 7:26
7.Finishing out the room with trim 7:37
8.Starting to model the windows 10:58
9.Adding latches and handles to the windows 9:10
10.Building the door 10:51
11.Building a modern bookshelf 10:42
12.Starting to model the sofa 14:27
13.Finishing the sofa by adding legs and a back 11:33
14.Adding an area rug 5:39
15.Building a glass coffee table 15:14
16.Starting to model a floor lamp 13:25
17.Finishing the lamp 12:14
18.Using the sofa to build a chair 9:42
19.Adding a television to the wall 7:18
20.Building a media stand 9:38
21.Building a freeform sculpture for the shelf 7:50
22.Using deformers to build a 'twisted' vase 5:05
23.Adding some books to the shelf 5:36
24.Building a small jar and bowl 8:21
25.Building a bookend 5:05
26.Adding audio / video components to the media stand 7:30
27.Quickly building large groups of media - CDs and DVDs 8:36
28.Building framed artwork 4:20
29.Creating a sculptural piece of art for the wall 9:29
30.Building a curtain rod 5:36
31.Building and deforming the curtains 14:46
32.Adding door frames, a threshold, and power outlets 7:53
33.Using Paint Effects to add a large potted plant 7:29
34.Building an electrical cord and plug for the floor lamp 6:24
35.Building a small cactus using Paint Effects 12:57
36.Conclusion 1:12
37.Bonus Lesson: Creating a virtual catalog using annotations and notes 3:44

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