ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.0 Full version + Plugin for Max

ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.0 Full Version + Plugin for Mac 

Shiva WYSIWYG Editor adalah software untuk mendesain game dan aplikasi. Ini tersedia untuk Windows dan juga bekerja pada Mac OS.
Membuat efek partikel, jalur, animasi, desain HUDs, material, konfigurasi AIS dan menetapkan suara dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.

Assert Import
Import your assets from your favorite DCC tools using the popular collada format created by Sony for the PS3.

ShiVa can also import DWF from all autodesk software, including revit and inventor.
ShiVa is fully compatible with 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave and Cinema4D.

3D Engine
The ShiVa engine is a Next-Gen 3D engine, which handles advanced shading systems and post-rendering effects automatically.
Special maps ( normal, gloss, specular ), Cell-shading, cascaded shadow maps, reflection, refraction, Fresnel, bloom, depth of field, motion blur, saturation, etc.

Terrain and Ocean
Large landscapes comprising multiple zones of any size. Optimized scene management for working with large amounts of data.
Unlimited layers of texture with various shading settings to add realistic color detail.
Geometry creation procedure using fractal algorithms and natural erosion.
Spawn multiple objects at once, control area density, size, orientation, altitude and depth.

The ShiVa Engine includes an integrated ODE dynamic engine, allowing you to simulate physical interactions between objects in an impressively realistic way.
ODE handles user-defined collision meshes, rigid bodies, simple, complex and motor joints.
Dynamics can be configured directly in ShiVa Editor

ShiVa includes an integrated advanced animation engine, which can be configured and operated via script, to bring your object to life.
The animation engine handles skeletal animation, motion blending, skeleton synchronization and automatic path-finding with total script-based control.

The ShiVa Editor includes an integrated scripting module based on an optimized, streamlined version of Lua language, providing full control of all the engine's functionalities.
Optimized event manager and native finite-state machine support.

iPhone Publishing
Simple publishing workflow using the iPhone authoring tool.
ShiVa iPhone 3D engine handles OS3.0, GPS, microphone, multitouch, accelerometer, keyboard, network, AdMob and a true physics engine.

Web Deployment
The smallest 3D web player in the world!
S3D Player is compatible and fully tested with Safari 3+, IE6+,
Firefox 2+ (and gecko-based browsers) and Opera 9+ on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Auto-installer size smaller than 1Mb with webpage auto refresh.
Resizable in HTML, javascript and CSS.

Web Features
Make your 3D real-time web application fully compliant with your databases and server technology, using the XML protocol with SOAP.
Available for all web server languages (PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion, etc.) and for all client technologies (online, offline, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, etc.)

The crack works - but run it from within the installed folder and as an administrator or you keep getting the message that the file is in use.

Download : ShiVa Advanced Edition v1.8.0 Full version + Plugin for Max
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