Advanced Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop

The Techniques of Christian Lorenz Scheurer 2
Advanced Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop | ISO | 3.85 GB
On DVD in this series – Christian builds. He takes the viewer step-by-step through the creation of a high-end digital painting, which can be used as either the visual base for a digital matte painting, or for an advanced conceptual art presentation. Christian starts with a photographic plate and demonstrates how to create a complete high-concept painting, including architecture, vehicles and characters. He illustrates the shape approach and the concept of combinatory play as creative processes. Christian introduces you to the underlying thought process of high concept design, while giving you a hands-on demonstration of the mechanics of painting in Adobe Photoshop.
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Digital-Tutors : Rigging the Human Face in Maya 2011

In this collection of lessons we will learn about a wide variety of useful tools and techniques for rigging a human face.

This course covers tools and techniques for rigging the human face in Maya. Throughout the course we will focus on providing animators with the control they need to create natural expressions with a control rig that computes fast. We will also creatively explore several techniques and tools that can be used to create realistic deformations. Step by step, we will construct a facial control system that is robust and animator-friendly. We will learn everything from how to create a reverse-jaw rig, rigging with curves for flexibility, how to create sticky controls, fleshy eyes, and we will also cover how to set up preset expressions for fast animation.

55 videos in this course :