Photoshop CAFE Collections

PhotoshopCAFE | English | 960×600
PS CS5 Portrait Retouching Skin Techniques | 3 Hours | 1.01GB
PS CS5 Portrait Retouching Advanced Techniques | 2h:40m | 973MB
Digital Photographers Special OPS | 2 Hours | 223MB
Genre: eLearning

PhotoshopCAFE: Photoshop CS5 Portrait Retouching Skin Techniques
How to make Faces look amazing…
This step by step project based DVD leads you through a variety of techniques to accomplish beautiful skin retouching
You will work on professional images by some of the world’s best portrait photographers, Clay Blackmore, Maz Mashru, Patrick Ciatto, Brooke Christl – and Jane – and learn how to sculpt faces, blend skin, remove shine, retouch wrinkles … everything pro retouching artists do on a daily basis. Taught by Jane Conner-ziser, an internationally respected retouching artist with over 25 years of professional excellence in the portrait industry.

UV Mapping 101 Maya UV Techniques

UV Mapping 101 Maya UV Techniques with_KevinHuds0n | 908 MB
In this DVD, Kevin guides the beginning modeler through the concepts and complexities of the UV layout process in Maya. It is essential that UVs are laid out properly so that 3D models can smoothly proceed into the texturing process.
Starting with the fundamentals, Kevin prepares the viewer to take on a project as complicated as laying out the UVs for a house. He covers editing the UVs in the UV Layout Window, projecting and editing on a stretched cube, cylindrical and spherical projections, and the principal of using “material splits” as a means of organizing different parts of a model. Intended as an introduction to production UV layout techniques, Kevin’s many years of expertise inform this clear and precise lecture.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects Full Master Classes 04-2011

 Gnomon School of Visual Effects Full Master Classes 04-2011English | FLV | H264 | 1024 x 768 15fps | Mp3 128kbps | 11.08 GB

12 Exclusive Online Classes Taught by Leading Professionals in the Visual Effects & Games Industries. Join us for two weeks of exclusive classes in an interactive, online event. Each 2-hour class focuses on a different element of the visual effects and games industries. Each class is offered online in a private forum, allowing you to participate in discussion with the instructor and other students. All instructional videos are HD and can be accessed any time during the event, as often as you'd like. This is a great opportunity to learn from the industry's masters and gain insight into their technique, thought process and workflow. Get a massive dose of inspiration, motivation and education while sharing the experience with peers from around the world.
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Evermotion Textures4ever Vol 7 Tree

 Evermotion Textures4ever Vol.7
Over 700 HQ trees on transparent background
720 PNG | from 1000x1000 to 3500x3500 | 7 Gb

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Creature Head Modeling Polygon

Creature Head Modeling Polygon | 2DVD | 7.78 GB
In this polygon modeling DVD, _SeanMills moves from relatively simple hard-surface forms to the creation of more complex and detail-oriented shapes. Sean introduces you to the principles of creating hi-res poly models by modeling the head of an intricately detailed 4-eyed creature, based on a maquette (sculpted by Neville Page).

Exploring Animation Principles in 3ds Max 2011 Collection

Exploring Animation Principles in 3ds Max 2011 Collection
release: 2010-2011 | Runtime: 9h:01m | project files | .FLV | 3.03 GB
Genre: eLearning

Exploring Animation Principles in 3ds Max 2011: Appeal (8 lessons, Runtime: 01:04:00)
This course will delve in the animation principle of Appeal in Max. The goal of this course is to give you a greater understanding of what appeal is. We will explore various ways appeal can be added successfully, which will, in turn, strength your ability as an animator as you use this principle to refine your work for more captivating results.