Digital Lighting and Rendering

Digital Lighting and Rendering By Jeremy Birn
New Riders Press 2006 | 432 Pages

E-Book Tutorial Digital Lighting and Rendering yang rasanya perlu anda miliki
untuk memperdalam tehnik rendering 3D.
Semuanya bisa anda download dengan gratis.

Crafting a perfect rendering in 3D software means nailing all the details. And no matter what software you use, your success in creating realistic-looking illumination, shadows and textures depends on your professional lighting and rendering techniques. In this lavishly illustrated new edition, Pixar's Jeremy Birn shows you how to:

* Master Hollywood lighting techniques to produce professional results in any 3D application
* Convincingly composite 3D models into real-world environments
* Apply advanced rendering techniques using subsurface scattering, global illumination, caustics, occlusion, and high dynamic range images
* Design realistic materials and paint detailed texture maps
* Mimic real-life camera properties such as f-stops, exposure times, depth-of-field, and natural color temperatures for photorealistic renderings
* Render in multiple passes for greater efficiency and creative control
* Understand production pipelines at visual effects and animation studios
* Develop your lighting reel to get a job in the industry

About the Author
Jeremy Birn is a Lighting Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios, where he worked on Cars and the Academy Award-winning The Incredibles. Prior to joining Pixar in 2002, Jeremy did lighting and rendering at such companies as Palomar Pictures, Wild Brain, CBS Television, and Tippett Studio, where he worked on effects for the feature film Evolution. Jeremy has taught courses at the California Institute of the Arts in Southern California and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. More of Jeremy’s work and more about his writing is on his website, www.3dRender.com.

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Digital Texturing and Painting
Digital Lighting & Rendering [DIGITAL LIGHTING & REN -OS N/D]

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