TrueBones - MonsterBones MegaMotions Library

TrueBones - MonsterBones MegaMotions Library

BVH file dapat anda gunakan dalam perangkat animasi karakter 3D seperti 3ds max, Poser, Maya, Endorphin, Lightwave, MotionBuilder, iClone dan sebagainya.
Kemasan MonsterBones MegaMotions terdiri lebih dari 2400 file BVH berkualitas tinggi, bersih dan konsisten.
Removing Neck dummy eliminates Poser error and correcting figure height creates less foot through floor and odd leg movement.

Rotational offsets are set to 0 improving joint rotations. Removing T-Pose and first frame improves over all animation when motion mixing, reduces file sizes and better Iclone compatibility.
A full searchable database list of all TrueBones Motions, including frame rate # of frames and motion description,
Once you rigg your character with a TrueBones skeleton, you can apply any one of the 2000+ motions in BVH format to your character without the need of re-rigging.

Perfect for games, animation movies, machinima, walk-throughs, simulation and a million other uses, MonsterBones MegaMotions BVH files can be use in your 3D character animation softwares like 3ds max, Poser, Maya, Endorphin, Lightwave, MotionBuilder, iClone and many others.
* MojoBone Motions
* MilkBone Motions
* IcyBone Motions
* Chocolate Motions
* Cold Milk Motions
* BoogieBones Motions
* Mike Jackson Moves
* CoolBones Motions
* GameBone Motions (includes 2 extra add on paks)
* CellBones Motions
* JediBones Motions
* CrystalBones Motions
* LuckyBones Motions
* EconoBones Motions
* StoryBones ActionPak
* FreeBones Motions
* ObamaBones Motions
* Smooth Moves Motions
* FunPak Motions

Download : TrueBones - Monster Bones Mega Motions Library
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