Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2009 Plugins Collections 32&64bit

Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2009 Plugins Collections 32_64bit | 1.37 GB

Plugins 3DS Max'a: 2009
Platform: Windows
Language: English only
Tabletka: Present

Muatan isi Plugin:Lumonix Puppetshop, Shader FX, Skin FX, F-Edge, Polyboost, SOFTIMAGE cat, Cebas Final DOF.V1.5, Cebas Final Flares V1.5, Cebas Pyrocluster V3.5, Cebas Finalrender Stage1 R2.0 Sp2, Afterburn, DreamScape, FumeFX, Power NURBS, Power TRANSLATORS PRO, Electric Rain Swift 3D MAX, Cebas Thinking Particles V3.0 Sp1, Chaos Group Vray Advanced v1.50.SP2, Onyxgarden Super Bundle With Treestorm For 3ds Max 8-2009 X86 X64, Craft Director Tools, Rayfire Tool, Rpc, Boomerlabs MAX2AE V3.0, Polygonmap v4.3MapLayers v1.6.7EdgeChEx v4.1.2, Roof Designer v1.1, VisMasters V-Ray Architectural Materials Vol 1, VisMasters V-Ray Architectural Materials Vol 2, Itoo.Forest.Pack.Pro.v3.0.For.3ds.Max.2009, Joe.Alter.Lipservice.With.Lbrush.V3.0.21.For.3dsmax.2009, etc..

Lumonix Puppetshop - Plug-in for animations and rigging'a in 3ds max. The main features are: the creation of any number of objects rigging'a and parts of which they are composed, the preservation of data sets max animations in one file; excellent integration with Character Studio, Maya and Motion Builder; copying has made animations using layers, the ability to export in standard 3ds max bones, or directly into your game engine, the possibility of expanding its capabilities through maxscript.

Shader FX - is a fully functional shader editor for 3dsMax, which allows, without any programming skills to create shaders for HLSL FX vyuporta or external game engines. Shader FX allows you to Download Lumonix Shader FX v1.1 + Crack - 8.1 MBmodelirovat shaders in such complex effects as parallax mapping, fresnel fall-off, cube map reflection. The result of any changes immediately appear in the window. Once you have achieved the desired result you can see it in vyuporte, as well as exported to the popular HLSL FX format for use in game engines.

Skin FX is a modifier for 3dsMax, which allows you to deform the object so that it swift muscle and bone system. Skin FX can handle the reduction in volume, which is a problem for the standard. Taking advantage of parametric objects, Skin FX allows you to simulate the 'sliding' the skin without complex failures. The plugin does not repeat the natural realism of muscle, but also provides ample opportunity deformation of objects.

F-Edge is 3ds Max plugin, which is to add roughness and the roughness of the sharp and flat edges of objects. As in the real world, the plug-F-Edge simulates some curvature bounds. CPU costs for the visualization of this effect is minimal, the final rendering will be more realistic and less like a "computer generated". The most useful plugin would be those who have large-scale models of city and architectural objects.

Polyboost - a powerful tool for 3DsMax for editable poly, which is an infinite set of useful scripts, organized into a separate toolbar. Polyboots possesses unique capabilities and helps automate the steps that the majority of 3D modelers and artists have long dreamed of as something to automate.

SOFTIMAGE | CAT - Plug-in for personazhnoy animation, working in the Autodesk 3ds Max. CAT created for animators and animation. The main purpose of the plugin - removed from the process of 3D animation characters tedious technical nuances. CAT has a complete set of tools that makes it easy to equip the characters, to create non-linear animation, using layers of animation, motion captured import, has a system to simulate muscles and much more. CAT - is a stable, fast, easy-to-use plug-in with his arsenal of cutting-edge features, the aim of which - to simplify the process of character animation in 3ds max.

Cebas Final DOF.V1.5 - The plugin allows you to add otrenderennoy image depth of field. He works as the effect of using the G-buffer.

Cebas Final Flares V1.5 - This is a plugin for 3dsmax to create a "Glow", "LensFlares" effects and not only. Given the large number of settings and is easy to use.

Cebas Pyrocluster V3.5 - A plugin to help you in creating the effects of the type of smoke, clouds of dust, fire (fire) and the dense pillars of smoke.

Cebas Finalrender Stage1 R2.0 Sp2 - The newest version of the plugin for fast and photo-quality rendering.

Sitni Sati Afterburn - Additional module AfterBurn is the most powerful tool for 3ds max, helping to establish the effects of explosion, fire and smoke.

AfterBurn (plugin for volumetric effects in the film, used in production «The Matrix. Perezagruzka», «Armageddon», «K-19», etc.) and DreamScape (a set of plugins for 3ds Max for creating and rendering realistic landscapes, maritime landscapes , sky, clouds, lightning, etc.)

DreamScape - a popular tool of 3ds Max, designed to simulate realistic clouds, sky, landscape, ocean, underwater world, the mountains, as well as to create a scene with daylight.

FumeFX, for a realistic simulation of fire and smoke, and their interaction with the scene. Fire and smoke were based on a physically correct interaction with gravity, temperature, pressure, objects, velocity and external forces affecting their behavior.

Power NURBS - a powerful tool of three-dimensional simulation, combining the advantages of modern technology used to build a volumetric model. Application simplifies the design details of the complex geometry used in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in many other areas.

Power TRANSLATORS PRO is designed for importing large CAD-models and assemblies into 3ds Max and Viz. It is an improved version of the plug Power Translators, and differs from the existence of such functions:
- Ability to transform models of the network;
- Rebuilding and repairing surfaces;
- Work with files, Parasolid, and SolidWorks;
- Convert files UG and Catia.

nPower Power Nurbs Tutorials - Here is the official video made by nPower Power Nurbs vylozhenye on the official site.
In the pack includes the following lessons:
Modeling a Camera!
Modeling a Car Hood
Modeling a Couch!
Modeling a Phone!
Modeling a Shoe!
Modeling a Speaker!

Electric Rain Swift 3D MAX - Electric Rain has released an updated version of Swift 3D MAX Plugin for 3ds Max. This plugin allows to export three-dimensional scenes into a format SWF, as well as to the format of PNT (it - the format of Toon Boom Studio) and in vector formats SVG, AI and EPS.

Cebas Thinking Particles V3.0 Sp1 - Cebas Company has released the first service pack for the plug-Thinking Particles 3 for 3ds Max. This additional module is designed to work with particles. To control the particles can be used operators and conditions, that is, to build a logical diagram of events. Due to this, with the help of a plug, you can create almost any effect on particles. ThinkingParticles 3.0 SP1 adds support for 3ds Max 2009 (32 and 64-bit versions), increases the stability of 64-bit systems, increases the speed of calculations for different operations, adding the establishment of UV-coordinates for the individual parts.

Chaos Group Vray Advanced v1.50.SP2 - The latest version of the plugin for photo rendering.

Setting and breaking V-Ray 1.5 SP 2
1. Install V-Ray:
- Workstation;
- Local V-Ray license server on this machine;
- Remove the tick in front of "Instal WIBU key drivers".
2. Cracks V-Ray:
- Vray2009.dll copy the file to a folder ..: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2009, confirm the file replacement;
- Vrender2009.dlr copy the file to a folder ..: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2009 \ plugins, confirm the file replacement.
3. Get rid of the bug with the loss of settings, AA:
- Copy the file to a folder VrayAASettingsFIX.ms ..: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2009 \ Scripts \ Startup.

After the manipulation is made to write into the info that this Demo version. In fact, you will have full version (+ Distribution Render) without the bug with the AA.

Onyxgarden Super Bundle With Treestorm For 3ds Max 8-2009 X86 X64 - A set of programs to create all sorts of trees and flowers with konektorom to 2009 max.

Craft Director Tools - This - tools designed to simplify the creation of animation. Use them to manage the placement of cameras and other objects in three-dimensional space, using the input device, such as the joystick. All actions are recorded animator on the same principle on which record video to the camera in real life. Then the data are processed and each frame becomes a key, so that the accuracy achieved by the movement of objects in the frame.

Rayfire Tool - The new version RayFire Tool plugin for 3ds Max. The plugin helps to create an effect of shooting a firearm. Use it to create the holes from bullets, smoke, debris, explosion on the ground getting shot at goal, etc. RayFire Tool works including animated objects, and, it can create an unlimited number of animated pieces and moving targets. Among the possibilities the plugin, you can also mention the possibility to modify the properties of the existing effects in the interactive mode, and hide, freeze, to allocate and delete any layer or effect with the help of manager layers.
The latest version adds a choice of settings for each fracture site, adds support for several bombings in the Reactor Explosion, New Directions in Reactor Explosion (spherical, planar, cylindrical), a conservation of the properties of the scene during the closing.

Rpc Plugins - RPC plugin for 3DS Max 2009. Allows you to use ready-RPC objects image quality without significant consumption of CPU power, ie You can insert this chelovechika in 3D Max will miscalculate and renders much faster.

Boomerlabs MAX2AE V3.0 - Company Boomer Labs has released a third version of the plugin called MAX2AE 3.0. This tool allows the user to seamlessly interact 3DS Max and Adobe After Effect. The new version provides an improved plug-compatibility of these two applications. MAX2AE supports the export of individual cameras, lighting sources as well as information support layer and is not counting the fact that the third version, the ability to import 3D objects from all of 3DS Max to After Effect with a single operation. MAX2AE The new version also includes numerous innovations and improvements.
In the new version MAX2AE 3.0 enhanced functionality, through the support of 3DS Max Particle Systems and Space Warps, and the added possibility of automatic change of scale scenes support for 23.976 FPS HD drop frame format, support for 3DS Max 2009 (32 and 64 bit), improved memory management added various improvements and changes in the user interface, documentation and more. MAX2AE supports 3ds max 6, 7, 8, 9, 2008 and 2009, and is compatible with After Effects 6.5, 7.0 and CS3 on the platforms Windows.
An additional module allows MAX2AE move in After Effects, any property of the camera, object and light source. With regard to import projects into After Effects 3ds Max, it proposes the introduction of plug-in scenes of 3DS Max After Effects, taking into account all the components of 3D-scenes editor.

Polygonmap v4.3 - updated plugin PolygonMap 4.0 for 3ds Max. This modifier allows you to set planar mapping allocated sites and orient map isolated edges or set the maximum (minimum) length of the edges in each polygon.

MapLayers v1.6.7 - Photoshop Options perekochevyvayut in 3ds Max. This additional module enables the mix Texture maps for Material Editor in the same way as the mixed layers in Photoshop. The plugin supports familiar to all users of Photoshop blending modes - Multiply, Soften, Darken, Color, Overlay and many others. In addition, for each layer, as in Photoshop, you can specify the degree of transparency.

EdgeChEx v4.1.2 - Plugin chamfera expanded.

Roof Designer v1.1 - New version of the plug-Roof Designer for 3ds Max. His mission - to help build a three-dimensional roof. The plugin makes it easy to create a roof as at the stage of modeling and texturing on the stage. It automatically assigned IDs material and creates scan. The user can control the layout of the tiles on the roof.

VisMasters V-Ray Architectural Materials Vol 1 - A set of five material for 3DSMax, made with the help of scripts, and aimed at the architectural modeling (materials sharpened on Vray)

VisMasters V-Ray Architectural Materials Vol 2 - A set of four materials for 3DSMax, made with the help of scripts, and aimed at the architectural modeling (materials sharpened on Vray)

Itoo.Forest.Pack.Pro.v3.0.For.3ds.Max.2009-ENGiNE - Company Itoo Software announced the update to its plug-Forest Pack Pro for 3ds Max, for the establishment of vegetation.
The operating principle of the plugin is that the draw two intersecting perpendicular plane. Since then overlaid with a texture map transparency. And as a result - other than wood, is not that conceding this.
The latest version adds support for 3ds Max 2009, an opportunity to use multiple surfaces at one facility, Forest Planes and merged into a single plugin, the library has the ability to add custom elements (types of geometry, material, icons), there is the automatic detection of collisions, added possibility to do Copies of trees on a proxy, adds support for animation, new models of trees with high-quality textures. Also worth noting optimization for multicore processors.

Joe.Alter.Lipservice.With.Lbrush.V3.0.21.For.3dsmax.2009-XFORCE - Joseph Alter, author of an integrated module in 3ds Max Hair And Fur, introduced a new version of its plug-LipService w / LBrush, intended to create facial expressions of characters directly into 3ds Max. This is a - an additional modifier, which contains two tools: for three-dimensional animation and modeling. Funds for a three-dimensional modeling are comparable to those available in the programs ZBrush and Mudbox. LipService much easier to work than Morph - to create animations with it should be much lower key points.

Also in the files and scripts are free, small plug-ins.
Download file below:

Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2009 Plugins Collections 32&64bit_1.37 GB
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