AF Export Channels 3.21 for 3D Studio Max

AF Export Channels 3.21 for 3D Studio Max | 2.19 MB

Plugin ekspor multi-layer untuk 3D Studio MAX. Ekspor ke Adobe Photoshop format PSD multi layer. Extract Objects / material / G-Buffer ID dari Rendered Image dan meletakkannya untuk memisahkan lapisan. Memungkinkan untuk beroperasi pada materi atau benda-benda langsung di Rendered Image.

More capability, more compatibility, more reliability and more new functions in the next generation of AF Export Channels product:
- New Interface - Export group dialog
- Fast access Toolbar
- Additional G-Buffer Channels
- Render Elements support

- Different bitmap file formats support
- Animation support
- AVI export file format support
- Network rendering
- Extract Layer methods, Auto detection of the optimal method
- Use of PSD layer mask instead of transparency one
- Two Render Effects: Interactive and File Output export instance
- Memory management settings
- Ignore blank layers parameter
- New channels in VFB Window and selection preview group Combo Box
- XRef object and XRef scenes support
- Support of High resolution export for X64 platform
Download : AF Export Channels 3.21 for 3D Studio Max
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